No matter what the repair, Blind strings needing to be restrung, Broken shutter louver form an incident in the house, Fido chewed on the blinds, Blinds not tilting up and down like new. Let Blind Speed Sparkle Blinds handle it for you. Whether you need just a couple of parts of you blinds repaired or need something completly replaced, Blind Speed Sparkle Blinds will work to find you the best solution to save you money and keep your blinds in tip top condition.

Window coverings go through years of wear and tear in any home or office, keeping the harsh rays of sunlight and the burning heat out of your home or office for so long can put a strain on your current coverings. Maintenance, repair and replacements are essential to getting the most for your time and dollar out of your window coverings.

Blind Speed Sparkle Blinds can assist you in protecting your sometimes costly investment you made on your window coverings by completing any repair service needed in a timely and professional manner. Just a few of Blind Speed Sparkle Blinds repair services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Shutter tilt rod repair
  • Broken blind slats
  • Blind restringing
  • Shutter doors not closing
  • Refinishing and repainting
  • Blind slats not tilting
  • Shutter staples are out
  • Broken shutter louvers
  • Blinds not tilting up or down
  • Motorized blinds repair